When are you open? and how many guests do you seat?
All events in the tea room are by advance reservation. There are several options:
Private parties may be arranged for 15 - 30 guests and scheduled any day of the week. We are limiting the number of private parties that we accept.
If you are making reservations for just a few people, we serve Afternoon Tea on select Wednesdays and the First Saturday of the month. 
We also schedule special events, themed teas, holiday teas, and teas with featured speakers during the year. These events are listed on our Calendar of Events.
How much does it cost?
If you select the Afternoon Tea or the Lunch option, either option costs $35.00/person. This includes $29.00/meal, 6% sales tax at $1.74, and $4.26 gratuity. The Afternoon Tea or the Lunch menus can be selected as a dinner option. 
Do you require a deposit?
           We do not ask for a deposit. We do expect payment (either cash or personal check) for the final count provided.
Do you accept credit cards?
We request cash payment or a personal check.
When do you need a final count?
Please provide the menu selection and the final count one week in advance.
What about parking?
We have a parking lot in the rear of the building, enter off of Simpson Street. Come into the tea room through the herb gardens. There is also street parking on both Market Street and Simpson Street.
How long does a private party last?
Private Party Events are allotted two hours. That includes one hour to serve the meal and the second hour for visiting and opening gifts. As hostess/coordinator, you may arrive half an hour before the event starts to set up and to be here as your guests arrive. There is an additional $75.00 fee for an event that exceeds this 2-1/2 hour time frame.
May we bring our own cake?
We offer a decorated specialty cake as a dessert selection for all private events (with Afternoon Tea, Lunch). If you want to bring your own cake, there is a $1.00/person additional plating fee that includes cutting and serving the cake, packaging any leftover cake, the use of additional forks and plates, the service and cleanup.
 May we decorate the room?
If you wish, you may decorate, but we request that no tape be used on the walls, and that anything you do put up, you remove. Once you have guests along with presents, the atmosphere for a party has been set. The addition of balloons on the guest of honors chair adds a touch of celebration. There is so much in the tea room to look at, that it really isn't necessary to decorate. 
 What about favors or games?
You may provide favors for your guests, or play games if you desire. Typically we serve the meal first, and then play games afterwards.
 What about centerpieces?
We place simple floral centerpieces on the table at no extra cost. If you want to provide your own centerpieces, please advise us in advance.
Where are your menu selections?
Visit these links for the Afternoon Tea Menu, or Luncheon MenuWe are happy to serve any of our menu options at any time of the day. For example, we would serve the Afternoon Tea in the evening if this is what you prefer.
What if we have less than 15 guests?
If you request a private party for less than 15 guests, we ask that you pay for 15 guests. We will package the extra food to take with you.
Or perhaps you might schedule your event on Wednesday when we don't require a minimum number of guests.
How soon should we reserve a date for our private event?
We are limiting the number of private events that we schedule making availability tighter throughout the year. Reserve early!
How can we contact you?
Nancy J. Reppert is the owner of Sweet Remembrances. 
You may contact her by phone, 717-697-5785, or by email